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Bus Transportation & Arrival Details - Guelph

Jan 14, 2017 0 comment(s)


Location: University Center Bus Loop
Time: 10:00 pm Thursday, February 2nd (please arrive at least 10 minutes early)

Remember to bring your PASSPORT and please leave any drugs behind.

Jay Peak Resort  - Stateside Mountain Lodge

Time: 7:30am Friday expected (Please note weather can cause delays)


Arrival Process:

Only the group leaders will get off the bus and will pick up the packages. Once all packages have been picked up the bus will bring you down to your chalets where all gear can be off loaded. If your group leader has already arrived and picked up the Welcome Package you will need to coordinate with them for Chalet access.

If you are renting equipment, there will be a ticket in your Welcome Package. Equipment can be picked up at The Stateside Mountain Lodge.



Location: Same spot where the busses were unloaded. (Not Stateside Mountain Lodge).
Loading at: 4:00pm Sunday February 5th
Departing at 4:30pm Sunday February 5th

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