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Aug 18, 2015 1 comment(s)

Leave it to mankind to invent an innovative method of traveling downhill in control, atop two or one carefully crafted planks of wood; and simultaneously create an entirely new excuse to get completely and thoroughly pissed with your friends, immediately after. I mean, nothing beats celebrating a great day on the slopes instantly after the fact.


If you put some though to its brilliance, it completely makes sense. Why not couple what, to this day, is one the greatest experiences to which you can apply your mind and body, with what is arguably the glue of society.  To glide over a body of snow with little assistance from specialist equipment, and to do so in control, style and grace, followed immediately by the one activity enjoyed by the majority of cultures around the world. It just works, its natural. With some light reading (Wikipedia), into the history of après ski, it seems clear that it originated almost naturally, less as an artificial construct and more as a natural progression. 

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