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Sep 1, 2015 0 comment(s)

In the same way that it can be difficult to explain why watching a fire is so hypnotizing, or why nothing will ever top a perfect cup of coffee, it can be tricky to explain why skiing is one of life’s greatest experiences. So let’s attack it with logic.


First we must compare simple daily ‘good’ experiences, like hi-fiving a friend, or winning that bet with your significant other. Both lovely interactions that either strengthen your relationships or deepen your connection with the world around you.  You might get that fuzzy feeling in your tummy, a good friend and a sense of accomplishment (priceless). At worst, you don’t look at elbows, or they plan some sort of revenge.  However these are simply just good experiences, they generally have high success rates and in most cases the margin for human error is extremely low. A good safe way to give you a quick, but short lived good experience.


Now great experiences… This is what we are talking about. I’d consider looking down a mountain that you just climbed, sky diving for the first time, or even falling in love to be great experiences. In all instances the level of risk is significant higher and the sensory portion of the experience is noticeably greater.  Let’s compare worst-case scenarios, you trip on an unseen obstacle, your parachute doesn’t open, or burn softly as your heart gets ripped apart. But at best, oh the things you could do, see and learn. Becoming closer to nature, developing and mastering your body and its endless ability, maybe even find someone with fighting for. In great experiences we see a heightened heart rate, quicker reactions, but most importantly a far greater bounty. All of the above make you feel alive.